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G’NEST is the signature immuno-supplement of FEGO Biotech Pte Ltd. It is a proprietary formulation containing a select class of active biomolecules that can activate and modulate important immune functions to enhance the body’s natural immune system and improve overall immune wellness.

Formulated by our company and validated by a respectable government-backed agency, and manufactured in New Zealand, G’NEST contains four key ingredients: a proprietary bird’s nest extract, flaxseed oil, borage oil and black cumin seed extract.

The proprietary bird’s nest extract has been scientifically proven to have an impact on maintaining a healthy lymphatic system, skillfully modulating the body’s immune system and controlling inflammation within the body, enhancing fertility, as well as delaying the progression and onset of chronic diseases.

With the addition of proprietary bioactive components – flaxseed oil and borage oil – G’NEST has anti-inflammatory effects and can improve cardiovascular health, control blood sugar levels, improve skin conditions and provide relief from symptoms of menopause.

The Black Cumin Seed Extract enhances product stability and absorption in the body. They also make G’NEST an ideal and effective supplement in aiding new tissue recovery, increasing lean body mass, reducing body fat, as well as improving blood circulation and metabolism.